10 Signs You Are Not Eating Enough Vegetables

Heart Problems

We all know we should get our “five a day,” but that’s easier said than done for many people. If you’re busy with work or studying, it’s easy to dip your hand into a bag of chips and forget about all the natural food we should be eating. If you’re not sure if you are eating enough vegetables, you can count on your body to tell you. There are lots of things that can draw your attention to a poor diet and these are the top 10 signs that you aren’t eating enough.

Heart problems

This is a pretty serious symptom and not something you should take lightly. If you’ve been diagnosed with heart problems and you don’t have a history of this in your family, it’s likely that your diet isn’t great. Research from 2010 showed that people who eat only a small amount of vegetables in childhood often end up with heart problems in adulthood.

Throughout later life this remains true and the fewer vegetables you eat, the worse your heart health is likely to be.

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