9 Nutrition Facts That Should Be Common Sense (But Aren’t)

Nutrition facts

It may come as a surprise, but common sense is something that is often rare when it comes to nutrition. There are so many misconceptions and myths that are being spread about and today almost anyone claims to be a so-called expert. To give you a jump on the facts that should be common sense, here are the top nine you should be aware of:

1. Trans Fats that are artificial ARE NOT suitable for consumption by humans.

The fact is trans fats are plain nasty. They are produced by a means that involves hydrogen gas, high pressure, and heat in a metal catalyst presence. During this process, vegetable oils that are liquid become a toxic, thick sludge that at room temperature becomes solid. It is truly baffling that someone actually thought that including this muck in the foods we eat was a good idea. Now, when it comes to trans fats, there is more than their unappetizing appeal. Studies have shown they are very harmful and have been linked to increased heart disease cases in humans.

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