9 Health Benefits of Pomegranates

reduce risk of cancer

7. Reduce your chance of developing cancer

Cancer is another common ailment these days and while doctors still aren’t completely sure how it begins and how we can stop it, they do know that there are many fruits and foods that can help prevent it from occurring in the first place; pomegranates are such a fruit. Whether it’s prostate, breast, or lung cancer, we know that the polyphenol antioxidants found within the fruit can significantly reduce the growth of tumor cells which means you can prevent these tumors from growing in the first place. Those with cancer can also benefit from these antioxidants because an increase in consumption of pomegranate and similar antioxidant-rich foods will mean that the tumors will grow at a slower rate.

Of course talk to your doctor if you have any serious concerns, but if you want to live a long and healthy life it’s really looking good for the case in favor of eating more pomegranates!

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