9 Health Benefits of Pomegranates

nice clean teeth

Pomegranates are far from being as popular as apples, bananas, and strawberries, but they definitely should be “up there” as one of the most commonly-eaten fruits. This seed-filled fruit is amazing at preventing common diseases and ailments, it tastes amazing, and it can be used in a significant range of recipes. It’s refreshing, nutritious and commonly used in Ayurvedic circles.

Not only that, but the fruit is relatively inexpensive these days and available at most supermarkets and stores. You have no reason not to incorporate this fruit of paradise into your diet! Take a look at the top nine reasons why you should be eating more pomegranate.

1. Nice, clean teeth

Plaque is kept at bay with pomegranate juice more effectively than many mouth wash formulas. Not only is it tasty and makes you feel fresh in the morning, it’s incredibly effective at getting rid of plaque. Use pomegranate juice as a mouth wash and you’ll find that the hydroalcoholic extract means that microorganisms are stopped in their tracks. Some studies have shown that microorganism growth can be stopped by more than 80% by using pomegranate juice and fruit.

Even drinking pomegranate juice in the morning will have exactly the same effect, so be sure to pick up a glass of fresh, pure juice for the mornings!

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