9 Easy Secrets To Make Your Food Healthier

reduce sugar content

3. Reduce sugar content

Just like you reduced fat in your cooking, you can reduce sugar, too. When you’re baking or creating sweet dishes simply experiment with using a little less sugar each time you bake. You’ll find that most recipes end up almost exactly the same even if you halve the amount of sugar you use. Cakes will taste largely the same and the halving of the sugar won’t change the texture at all. This is especially the case if you use a lot of fruit in your baking because the fruits will provide all the sweetness you need.

You can also reduce the sugar in your diet by avoiding savory ingredients that are high in sugar. Things like tomato ketchup are packed full of sugar and so many people forget about this. Always check the ingredients of the products you use on a regular basis and if it’s high in sugar think of a better alternative. For instance, tomato ketchup can be replaced with fresh passata or even salsa!

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