9 Best Foods to Eat After a Workout


It’s so easy to go out and treat yourself after a workout, but do you really want to undo all your hard work? While it’s absolutely fine to treat yourself every once in a while, you should really be concerned about what you’re giving your body after you’ve pushed it to its limits. There are a lot of foods that can help make your workout more effective as well as give your body the nutrients it needs


It’s pronounced keen-wa, before you wonder! This great food is similar to rice but containing significantly more fiber and protein. Quinoa is the food of choice for many vegetarians but it’s also a fantastic alternative to rice, not only because it has more protein and fiber, but because it’s much easier to prepare.

This makes it the perfect food for after a workout! You don’t have to spend much time cooking and you can even cook it and have it ready for when you finish. It’s also rich in vitamins and nutrients to replenish your tired body and prepare you for more training, muscle growth, or just general slimming.

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