9 Best Foods for Your Heart


Heart disease is becoming more prevalent in our society, arguably as a result of the easy availability of fast food and high-calorie ready meals. In fact, heart disease is now the biggest killer of Americans, making it more important than ever to improve your diet and ensure you’re eating plenty of foods that support your heart, reduce cholesterol, and keep your arteries free of fatty deposits.

Take a look at these nine best foods for your heart and think carefully about your current diet and daily routine – it’s easy to make small changes that make a big difference!


Oatmeal is more than just a convenient breakfast, it’s fantastic for absorbing cholesterol in your body that you don’t need. This means that there is less bad cholesterol in your bloodstream, which ensures your blood flows efficiently throughout all your veins and arteries.

Porridge oatmeal is really easy to make – it’s just milk or water and sugar – but the sugars found in instant oatmeal products you find in the supermarkets can be bad for you. Take classic oats and combine with milk or water in a pan and heat. You can also microwave to perfection if you’re a fan of doing things the “easy way!”

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