8 Natural Remedies All Women Should Try

leafy, dark vegetables2. Leafy, dark green vegetables

This one requires a little preparation. If you start eating dark green, leafy vegetables when you feel pain you won’t see any instant results. If you begin eating more cabbage and similar greens and wait a couple of months, however, you should see that the pain in your muscles decreases while you are menstruating. This is because these greens are a fantastic source of calcium and magnesium which are both essential for healthy muscle growth. The Chinese have been using dark green vegetables in their medicines for countless generations, and they are absolutely right. The more nutrients your muscles have, the less pain you’ll feel when they contract.

You can also use these greens in the same way that the Chinese did–try making teas to produce a diuretic effect. This increases the amount that you go to the toilet and reduces the effect of bloating which is definitely welcome for most women during menstruation.

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