8 Natural Remedies All Men Should Try


3. Eggs

Like eggs? Great…but you won’t be eating them! Eggs are an amazing thing to use on the scalp if you want to encourage hair growth and look after the hair you have now. Take egg oil and massage it into your scalp in the same way that you might massage essential oils into your scalp then leave it on overnight. You should probably wear a shower cap while you sleep otherwise you’re going to get oil all over your pillow.

In the morning, shampoo the oil off your hair using a shampoo that doesn’t strip away too much of your natural oils. Herbal shampoos are the best.

If you follow this routine two or three times a week for three months you will see visible results. The egg oil will keep your hair looking great and give it no reason to stop growing. Remember that one of the main causes of early baldness is not looking after your hair. If you lose it genetically, that’s a battle you’ll never win, but you can at least look after the hair you have now and keep it for as long as possible!

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