8 Natural Cures for Snoring

nasal spray

Snoring can be a result of a common cold or a lifetime of smoking, but whatever the cause, there are lots of easy and natural ways you can improve your sleeping during the night and ensure your loved one doesn’t have to hear your snoring for eight or more hours. These natural cures can be made at home and can give you quick results, so give them a try before spending money on modern fixes!

1. Homemade nasal spray

A common cause of snoring is nasal congestion, and there are some really simple ways you can cure this using completely natural ingredients that you’ll find in the house. In order to make your very own nasal spray, you’ll need salt, water and an empty nasal spray bottle. If you don’t have this kind of bottle, you can make do with a bottle that has a dropper head.

Combine a quarter of a teaspoon of salt to half a cup of water and make sure it completely dissolved. Pour this into your nasal spray, and every night before you go to bed, put two or three drops of the solution into each nostril. This helps reduce congestion and opens your airways at night, reducing your snoring and giving you a better night of sleep.

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