8 Common Chemicals Found In Food That Are Bad For You

High Fructose Corn Syrup

These days, most people don’t check the ingredients that go into their food. Whether you’re buying a ready meal from the supermarket or getting your dinner from a fast food restaurant, it’s really easy to find yourself eating something packed full of dangerous chemicals. Sure, they’ll be safe enough to eat (given that they’re legal), but that doesn’t mean they’re good for your body.

If you want to stay healthy and younger for longer and avoid common diseases and ailments, it’s important you buck this trend and start checking the ingredients of your food. It’s also essential that you actually know what you’re looking out for! So, here are eight of the most common chemicals found in food these days that you should absolutely avoid.

1. High Fructose Corn Syrup

You’ve probably heard of this nasty little ingredient. It’s cheap, it’s sweet, and the big industries love it because it’s a perfect alternative to natural sugars. It’s highly processed and really bad for you. There have been countless reports on high fructose corn syrup that have shown that it inhibits leptin which is a hormone that tells your brain that you need to stop eating. Not only is this a great marketing ploy because it’s making you buy more, but it means you’re likely to continue filling your body with unhealthy ingredients even when your body is trying to tell you it’s had enough. It also contains more mercury than you should ever put into your body. Avoid, avoid, avoid!

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