7 Ways to Prevent the Zika Virus

You may have heard about the Zika Virus that is spreading around. If you haven’t, we’re not surprised since there is little documentation due to how new it is. The Zika Virus is a disease that is commonly spread through mosquitos that carry the virus. The symptoms range from joint pain to a rash. Though the virus is commonly spread through mosquitos, it can also be spread from unprotected sex.

Why worry about this virus? While the symptoms are only mildly annoying, the Zika virus can hit pregnant women with an infection that can spread to an unborn fetus. A pregnant woman who is infected with the virus can spread a birth defect known as microcephaly, among many others. As of this time of writing, there is no cure or antibiotic to prevent the Zika virus.

The most common way to prevent the virus is to not get bitten by a mosquito that carries the Zika virus. In this article, we will give you crucial tips to prevent getting bit by mosquitos. This can range from changing what you wear to being mindful of where you travel. Luckily, mosquitos with the virus aren’t everywhere. If you live in an area with these mosquitos, you’ll have to exercise more caution.

Watch Where You Travel

If you don’t live in an area where there are mosquitos with the virus, you need to watch out for when you leave city limits. If you want to find out what areas have the Zika virus, here’s a comprehensive list. The list is updated frequently and is very thorough. You should also check if you live in a Zika virus infected area by using the list. When traveling, you’d be surprised which areas contain the virus. Even an area with almost no mosquitos can have the Zika virus, so always double check before traveling.

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