20 Foods to Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a big hot topic in health and there is good reason why. Known for being damaging to the arterial walls in your body, cholesterol can cause you to have heart disease, heart attacks, and most commonly, strokes. High cholesterol is widely a risk factor for these conditions and there is medication that you can take to monitor your cholesterol levels, you still need to monitor what you eat to help prevent issues in the future. Listed below are 20 foods that are known to help lower your overall cholesterol levels so that you can prevent harmful conditions from affecting you.

1. Barley.

If you can mention one or more foods that contain barley then you are ahead of many out there. Barley, while not very well known, is actually a common grain that is found in many breakfast cereal options. It typically is an excellent option for anyone looking to maintain and lower cholesterol levels because it is high in fiber content, mostly from soluble fiber. Some studies have shown the consumption of whole barley has led to as high as 10 percent reduction in cholesterol levels with the consumption of barley, so consider having more of this grain to start your day.

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