20 Foods High in Fiber

Fiber is an important part to the human diet; it provides valuable roughage to the intestinal tract while helping you to achieve fullness in your meal sooner than if you had not had any fiber. Often considered to be lacking in the American diet by a long shot, fiber is often the one nutrient that adults do not nearly come close to meeting on a regular basis, making education on this nutrient important in many ways. Women should aim to get 21-25 grams of fiber daily while most men should aim for 30-38 grams of fiber daily. Let’s take a closer look at 20 foods that can help you to get your daily recommended intake.

1. Raspberries.

A great choice for anyone looking to spice up yogurts, cottage cheese, or as part of a good topping on a freshly made dessert, raspberries are surprisingly a great option for fiber content. One-cup of fresh raspberries contains about 8 full grams of fiber, some of which in the form of soluble fiber. In addition to being a great option for fiber, raspberries contain valuable vitamins and minerals including vitamin C and manganese. Consider adding a fresh cup of raspberries to your morning smoothies for flavor, in your yogurt or oatmeal, or even snack on them throughout the day in order to meet your fiber intake guidelines.

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