18 Diverticulosis Foods to Avoid

Diverticulosis is a pretty common condition where the intestinal cells become enlarged and inflamed. Often times, this condition is caused by excessive stress, smoking, and a poor diet. While it is a common condition among many adults, it actually can be a condition that can go unnoticed if there are not severe symptoms. Some of the more severe symptoms of diverticulosis includes diarrhea, sudden urges to void your bowels, and stomach cramps and aches. When it comes down to it, if you have diverticulosis, your daily life and routine can greatly be affected. While there are some things you cannot control (such as stress), your diet is a major lifestyle choice that you can control so that symptoms do not affect you. Listed below are 18 foods you need to avoid if you have diverticulosis.

1. Milk

Many individuals actually are required to skip this food altogether and while milk is a beverage, there are good reasons to skip on it if you have or are at risk for diverticulosis. A major reason that you have diverticulosis is because you have some serious inflammation in your intestines, which then causes pouches and sacs to invade and take over your intestinal walls. Milk is a high producer of inflammation and if you feel like you have diverticulosis, consider skipping on milk. There are many other options for you to get your daily dose of calcium and finding an easy swap is necessary with this condition.

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