15 Foods High in Calcium

Calcium is by far one of the most well-known minerals when it comes to food. Why is that? Perhaps it’s because calcium plays a huge role in a balanced healthy diet. Calcium is important for the strength and growth of your bones and teeth. Calcium is commonly found in dairy products, but you don’t have to rely on cheese and milk to get your daily dose in. Turns out, there are plenty of foods that can give you a large dose of the bone-strengthening mineral.

In this article, we will be going over foods that are packed with calcium. To account for any health conditions, both dairy and non-dairy products will be covered. If you have to avoid dairy for any reason, there are quite a few alternatives out there, so no worries there!

Sesame Seeds

For every ounce of sesame seeds, you get 27% DV of calcium. With just a small handful of seeds, one fourth of your recommended intake is already taken care of! Not only are sesame seeds full of calcium, they also have a large amount of iron, among many other minerals. If you’re looking for a nutritionally dense snack, sesame seeds are your friend.

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