15 Delicious and Healthy Holiday Foods For Diabetics

veggie platter

The holiday season is one of the happiest times of the year. Family members from all over come home for Thanksgiving, the Christmas spirit is in the air, everyone is shopping and exchanging gifts – it’s a very joyous season. It’s also a time of year where we do a LOT of eating, often way too much. For people with diabetes, this time of year can be especially rough – all those tempting dishes and goodies that are off limits because of how they can affect blood sugar. The good news though, is that a lot of delicious holiday foods are perfectly fine for diabetics (in moderation, of course). We’ve put together a list of delicious foods that people with diabetes can indulge in along with everyone else.

1. Veggie Platter

Turkeys can take a long time to cook – often six hours or more. While the bird is in the oven, many people will take the opportunity to snack. Sugary cookies, donuts and other sweets are pretty much off limits unfortunately. However, you can enjoy delicious, healthy vegetables with a spicy or creamy dip. They’re very low in sugar and they’re much, much more healthful than the junk that everyone else is munching on.

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