12 Embarrassing Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Pain When Having Sex

Making a trip to the doctor’s office can be hectic and nerve racking, but the reason you are visiting your doctor is because you are looking after your health. When it comes to asking your doctor a question you might have questions about, there is a bit of shyness that takes over many individuals because it seems awkward to ask and a little embarrassing. While Google cannot answer all of your questions (you should not rely on medical advice from the internet), asking your doctor embarrassing questions should be something that you become very comfortable doing. Listed below are 12 of the most embarrassing questions you could ask your doctor during your next visit. While some questions may be more embarrassing than others, it is important to not hold back any pertinent information regarding your health.

1. Why Do I Feel Pain When I Have Sex?

Not everybody wants to spill the beans on their sex life with a complete stranger, but the truth is your doctor is not a stranger. A doctor is someone with whom you can confide and honestly if you are feeling pain during intercourse, it is important to ask why. If you are feeling pain during coitus, it is important to tell your doctor as soon as possible, because it could indicate that something is going wrong inside your body. Women, especially, need to be open with their doctor, because organs of the reproductive system are a serious matter and any time pain is present, your body is communicating that something is wrong.

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