12 Disease Causing Foods You Must Avoid

Processed Meats

There are a number of diseases that can occur as a result of a poor diet, and the three most prominent are heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer. If you maintain a healthy diet along with doing regular exercise, you can avoid these diseases pretty well – but, it’s important you know which foods you really need to avoid.

Below you’ll find 12 foods that can cause these three primary diseases. Be sure to avoid them or at the very least minimize the amount that you consume and balance it out with healthy ingredients and foods throughout the day.


It might be hard to believe that food can cause something as serious as cancer, but there are lots of foods out that that have been linked to cancer. You should therefore consider reducing the quantity that you consume or cutting them out your diet altogether.

1. Processed meats

If you’re a meat eater, be sure to eat lean meat. Processed meats have lots of the natural goodness removed and contain a number of chemical preservatives designed to make the meat last longer and appear fresh even when it is old. These chemicals can cause cancer. Specifically, sodium nitrate that is used in processed meats has been linked to an increase in risk of developing colon cancer, which is a particularly nasty disease.

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