11 Foods You Should Never Eat

As you go about your life, you may always hear someone tell you that you can eat anything that you want as long as it is in moderation. Is this wrong for them to say? Or has food just changed that much over time to make the statement false? Well, both could be true depending on how you look at it. Much of the food that crosses many people is full of Trans fat, sodium and added sugars and these types of foods should be avoided entirely. The foods you want to eat should be whole, natural, and consist of ample nutrients. This may ensure that you are consuming the right types of food for your body and avoiding the foods that are harmful. Listed below are foods you should look to avoid whenever possible.

1. Fast Breakfast Foods

It can be very difficult to find something for breakfast when you are running late or on the go. Foods such as breakfast sandwiches, bacon, sugary cereal and other foods that are on a fast food breakfast menu are not a great choice to start the morning off. It is important to stay away from these foods because the ingredients that are used in the breakfast sandwiches are usually processed and greasy. Bacon is generally full of fat, the preservative sodium nitrate, and sodium. It is recommended that you avoid bacon altogether no matter where you get it from; fast food restaurants or grocery stores. In the morning, it is also recommended that you avoid sugary cereals because the sugar in these cereals may cause the insulin levels in your body to spike and leave the body storing more fat that it should be when you eat. If you choose to eat anything from a fast food menu, be sure that you realize that you may be consuming greasy, unprocessed ingredients, a large amount of sodium and a lot of sugar. This is not a healthy or balanced recipe for a breakfast meal, and it should be avoided. You should also avoid fast food lunch and dinners because of the extremely processed ingredients that are used to make the menu options.

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