11 Foods That Help Reduce Stress

Chopped chocolate

Most people experience stress in their daily lives which may be the outcome of a particular event in their life or may be attributed to the daily hassles of everyday life. The good news, however, is that we can simply combat this stress with the help of food. These foods are packed with the essential nutrients required for the proper functioning of brain and body. Not only do these foods equip our brain and our immune system to combat stress but also promote a feeling of well-being.

While we are prone to resort to comfort foods during times of stress, they do nothing to help the body. In fact, they may be further deteriorating for us, owing to their high sugar and fat content. Below is a list of 11 foods which not only reduce stress but are also easy to incorporate in your daily diet.

11. Dark Chocolate

Eating a moderate quantity of dark chocolate is linked to better mood. Apart from its antioxidant content, dark chocolate also contains Theobromine, which is recognized as a mild stimulant, and anandamide, whose effect on brain has been studied to be similar to that of marijuana. Owing to its carbohydrate content, dark chocolate also releases serotonin which helps improve mood. Dark chocolate also adds to feeling of calmness in the body by reducing blood pressure.

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