10 Things You Should Never Do Before Going To Bed

play on phone

 2. Play on your Phone or Read from an Electronic Reading Device

It seems that a common routine for many individuals is to read on an e-reader or cellphone before going to bed. While this may appear that you are calming the nerves by doing this, it actually has a negative effect on your mind. When the sky turns dark and the night arrives, your body naturally secretes melatonin. This is your primary sleep hormone that helps you to initially fall asleep when the time nears. However, when you are subjected to the ambient light from electronic readers, TV, cellphones, or any electronic device that gives off blue light, you are preventing your body from releasing melatonin. This will prevent a good night of sleep and may have you feeling restless. The best way to prevent having this happen is to eliminate all specs of light in your room and when it is bedtime, make sure to go directly to bed.

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