10 Old Fashioned Home Remedies that Work

Vodka for Foot Odor

There are many home remedies you have heard about over the years and some have stood the test of time. These remedies work for a variety of ailments and are things that you can use at home. Some of them probably will sound odd because they are certainly not conventional, but people have spent decades using them for minor health issues. Things like hiccups and a small burn on the tongue from hot food are common and there are several home remedies that will patch you right up.

Vodka for Foot Odor

Foot odor happens and it is never pleasant. While soap and water can help some, there is still usually a lingering stench that you cannot get rid of. If you are age 21 and older, a little vodka can help to do the trick. Vodka contains alcohol, which is naturally drying and works as an antiseptic. This kills the bacteria and fungus that are responsible for causing the odor. The drying effect of alcohol work to control the moisture that bacteria and fungus need to thrive.

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