10 Health Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Sudden or Unexplained Weight Loss

When it comes to our health, there are some symptoms that should never be ignored. While many changes to our bodies are normal and are not a cause for concern, other changes can be a way of our bodies telling us that something is wrong and it is important that we listen. Getting to know your own body well is one of the best ways to catch serious health problems early on. While the symptoms listed below may turn out to be nothing, they can also be signs of life threatening conditions. These are 10 health symptoms should never be ignored.

1) Sudden or unexplained weight loss

While many may welcome unexplained weight loss, it should actually be seen as a red flag. Worrisome weight loss is generally defined as loosing 5% or more of your body weight in a 6+ month period. If this happens without changes to your diet or exercise regime, you should seek medical help. Weight loss can be a sign of many health problems including cancer, hyperthyroidism, and dementia.

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