10 Foods that Cause Acid Reflux


You’ve just finished eating at your favorite restaurant and you feel it – a cramping sensation in your chest and a burning in your throat. Ruling out a heart attack, you start to wonder if that jalapeno burger and fries were really the best choice.Acid reflux is pain and burning in your chest (heartburn), caused by eating foods that increase gastric acid production in your stomach, which can travel back into the esophagus. Other symptoms of acid reflux include:
• Burping
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Coughing (“something stuck in your chest” feeling)While underlying medical problems, like a hernia and obesity can cause acid reflux, the foods you eat play an important role, too.1. Meats & Fats

That greasy burger and French fries are both full of fat and calories. High fat foods, like hamburgers take a toll on your digestive system because they digest slower, which creates more acid, leading to potential acid reflux.

Even avocados, which are full of “healthy” fats, can cause heartburn and acid reflux in some people.

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