10 Foods That Are Dangerous If You Eat Too Much of Them


The phrase “you can always have too much of a good thing” is absolutely true. No matter how healthy a food might be, there are always limitations. In fact, nearly every food can become bad for you if you consume too much–it’s just a matter of understanding how much you can eat, and how much you need to eat. Learning which foods can become dangerous if you eat too much is also important, given that many are focusing on a new and healthy diet will often incorporate similar ingredients into their daily diet.

The following 10 foods can become dangerous should you eat too much, so be sure you limit them to a reasonable amount and maintain a balanced and varied diet. Remember that your body requires a great number of different mineral, vitamins, proteins, and other substances to keep you healthy, so variation is the name of the game.


Practically worshiped by the British during WWII owing to their abundance, carrots are incredibly good for you. They’re filling, they’re nutritious, and they’re full of minerals, vitamins, and even fiber. What the British didn’t know, however, is that eating too many carrots means that your body absorbs too much of the beta-carotene molecule. As a result, this orange molecule can become too concentrated in the blood and ultimately turn the skin orange. It’s most often seen in young children who are fed too much baby food that contains carrots. So, remember, carrots are cheap, healthy, and nutritious, but they can make you look like you’ve spent far too much time on a tanning bed!

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