10 Everyday Cancer Causing Foods

French Fries

You often hear that what you eat has a lot to do with your health and this is true. There are certain foods that contain ingredients and compounds that might actually contribute to cancer. In today’s society, cancer is common, with one in three women and one in two men developing this disease. This means that you need to do everything possible to prevent cancer and reduce your risk. More than half of all cancer types are ones that you can prevent with the right diet and taking an active role in your health.

Potato Chips and French Fries

When it comes to these foods, it is not the potato component that is problematic, but the cooking method. These foods are cooked in hydrogenated oils and are loaded with salt immediately after cooking. In addition to the salt and trans fats being a problem for your health, the high cooking temperatures used for these foods result in high acrylamide levels. This is a chemical that is also present in industrial building materials and cigarette smoke, and it is associated with an increased cancer risk.

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