10 Best Detoxes For Your Body

Epsom Bath Salts

Detox diets are being talked about a lot lately and there are hundreds of different plans to follow. There are plans for healthier living, weight-loss, energy, and beyond and they each do something a little different for your body. Keep reading to learn the 10 best detoxes for your body and how to do them at home.

Epsom Bath Salts Detox

Hot and cold water baths are the easiest way to remove toxins from your skin. Hot water removed toxins from the surface and cold water removed toxins from your skin all together, but if you mix in some Epsom bath salts to your bath then you will be able to cleanse your colon as well which is amazing for your overall health. Epsom salts are natural and they make your body sweat which helps your body remove harmful toxins. This can be done as often as you wish or just once a week to keep your body healthy.

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