Health Tips

11 Health Myths to Stop Believing

eat more meals lose more weight

When you first enter the world of healthy living, you’ll hear lots of different conflicting stories. There are loads of myths out there that confuse even experience health enthusiasts, and we’re going to put some of those to rest today. ...

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10 Health Signs People in Their 30s Should Never Ignore

Doctor examining patient

So you’ve hit your 30s…congratulations! Now you have to start worrying more about your health. There are some things that might never have bothered you when you were in your 20s, but, now that you’re a little older, it’s important ...

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10 Signs You May Have a Thyroid Problem

Doctor measuring blood pressure

You’ve probably heard of a thyroid, but do you actually know what it is? In short, the thyroid is a gland in the neck that secretes a hormone throughout the body. This hormone helps our metabolism remain stable and aids ...

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10 Signs You Are Sitting Down Too Much

longer sleeps

Many people throughout the UK and America now work in an office providing services and not getting up as much as people did a few decades ago. When you work in an office and have your own desk, it’s easy ...

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10 Dangerous Foods All Pregnant Women Should Avoid

unwashed produce

When you’re eating for two, you need to take extra care when planning your meals. There are a lot of foods that may be good for you, but bad for your baby. Over nine months it is essential that you ...

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10 Cancer Symptoms Women Might Ignore


Things happen to our bodies all the time that we don’t think twice about. Lumps and bumps appear, skin becomes itchy and red in some places, our hair might go through a period of being more coarse…all of these things ...

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10 Things Your Body Odor Says About Your Health

excessively rancid odors

1. Forgotten tampon Not all body odor comes from your armpits–If you’ve noticed a really foul, rotting smell coming from down below, it’s quite possible that you have forgotten to remove a tampon. This is pretty easy to do because ...

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10 Signs You May Have a Blood Clot in Your Leg

no symptoms

A blood clot can cause serious problems. Often, these clots don’t dissolve or break up by themselves meaning the clot travels around the body and can reach the brain and lungs. Clots can cause strokes and even kill you making ...

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10 Signs You Are Drinking Too Much Soda

cans everywhere

Love soda? Those fizzy drinks you’re gulping down are not just packed full of sugar, but they’re rich in caffeine–a chemical that we all use to keep us awake. They may make getting through a hard day at work easier, ...

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The 8 Most Common Signs of Pancreatic Cancer

gall bladder problems

Pancreatic cancer is becoming more well known as a result of more people being diagnosed with the condition and a number of famous individuals suffering from it and even passing away (including Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple). It’s a serious ...

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