Food Benefits

9 Foods That Are Cheap But Healthy


Everyone knows that the fastest way to eat up your budget is by eating out at restaurants. My mom used to tell me all the time that if I would just cook at home I could save so much money. ...

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8 Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to your morning coffee, then you may want to consider a switch to green tea. While green tea leaves may be native to China, the benefits of drinking green tea have universal appeal. ...

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9 Super Foods for Babies and Kids

Ripe Broccoli Cabbage Isolated on White

Every parent wants to raise a healthy, happy child. Since the dietary needs for adults and children can be quite different, how do you know where to turn when it comes to feeding your child? If you are one of ...

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9 Health Benefits of Kale

Leafy Green Vegetables Isolated

Kale, the vegetable that features green or purple leaves, is becoming increasingly popular in health foods, smoothies and a wide range of recipes. The vegetable is closely related to the cabbage and offers a number of health benefits to those ...

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9 Health Benefits of Ginger


Ginger goes great in curry, and traditional ginger ale is a still a favorite all over the world, but did you know that this humble root actually boasts a number of healing properties and health benefits? If you know how ...

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9 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut and coconut oil

Coconut Oil might not be the first food you think of when it comes to improving your health, but it’s actually a super food that offers a huge range of benefits. The oil is packed full of fatty acids and ...

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The 10 Best (And Worst) Foods for Your Skin


You know what they say – you are what you eat. Follow these simple “eat this, not that” guidelines to find out which foods are hurting and helping your skin. The Bad There are so many bad foods out there ...

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11 Foods that Cause the Worst Bad Breath


We’ve all been there before – talking with someone when a smell comes creeping along. Who is it? Is it you? Panic ensues and you rush to find the closest breath mint. Bad breath, clinically known as halitosis, can be ...

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7 Drinks to Help You Lose Weight

Fresh Organic Blueberry Smoothie

Studies have shown that those on a liquid diet, even when drinking a comparable amount of calories as a traditional “solid” meal, still lose more weight. This is because liquids are much easier to digest than solid foods and the ...

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10 Foods that Cause Acid Reflux

Cold glass with cola and ice cubes

You’ve just finished eating at your favorite restaurant and you feel it – a cramping sensation in your chest and a burning in your throat. Ruling out a heart attack, you start to wonder if that jalapeno burger and fries ...

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