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10 Everyday Habits That Can Greatly Reduce Your Life Expectancy

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We all have habits, but many of them are doing more harm than good. There are many ways you can reduce your life expectancy without you even knowing it and these are the top ten things that do exactly that. ...

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10 Things That You Think Are Bad For You But Are Actually Great


It’s really hard to know what’s good and bad for you these days, with the media telling you something different each day. It’s no surprise that there is so much confusion and so many foods that we once thought were ...

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11 Simple Things That Can Greatly Extend Your Life

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There are hundreds of little, not-so-secret things that you can do everyday to help you live longer. The first step you should take is to smile. People who smile more often are generally happier people; happy people tend to live ...

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11 Things You Think Are Good For You But Are Actually Terrible


It’s easy to convince people of just about anything. Someone could convince you that unicorns exist as long as they have even a shred of evidence. When we’re told that something is good for us we’re inclined to believe it ...

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22 Low-Fat Foods That Make You Gain Weight

granola bar

It seems hard to believe that something that promises to be low-fat could be the reason that you’re gaining weight, but it’s true. In just about all commercial diet food there are added sugars and removed nutrients that are essential ...

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10 Foods That Are Banned In Europe But Not the US

WOW chips

The US is seen by many as the home of unhealthy food and it’s understandable when you consider the huge amount of American food products that are banned outside the country, including many products that are banned in Europe. These ...

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10 Foods That Have Health Benefits Like Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is popular in health circles as a result of its many compounds and acids which can help take care of the body and avoid some health conditions. Though, as healthy as it is, it’s just not to ...

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10 Foods You Should Only Buy Organic


Have you heart of the “dirty dozen?” It’s a collection of the 12 fruits and vegetables that are the worst culprits for preservatives, insecticides, and pesticides. In modern farming, an increasing amount of chemicals are used to stop fruits and ...

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10 Foods That Are Dangerous If You Eat Too Much of Them

kombucha tea

The phrase “you can always have too much of a good thing” is absolutely true. No matter how healthy a food might be, there are always limitations. In fact, nearly every food can become bad for you if you consume ...

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10 Foods That Have Recently Become Bad For You

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We’re always being told what’s good and bad for us whether it’s on the television or in the newspapers. This makes it exceptionally difficult for people to know whether they’re eating properly or unhealthily. Not only are we marketed health ...

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